Kamflex Europe with a constant upgrading of products, services and efficient management is putting on the center of it’s activity the customers satisfaction.

The general manager considered the following elements to fulfill this policy:

  • Inclusion of all people in the organization, clearing responsibilities and giving the correct importance to each activity and the formation courses are organized regularly for everybody;
  • Reduction of no conformity which is anyway a reason of cost;
  • Continues upgrading of products and services in the line with the market requirements to satisfy all possible clients needs. At the same time guaranty the client competitiveness.

The company adopts a quality system for running this business according to the norm EN ISO 9001:2015. In this way monitoring and documenting all processes which are analyzed and defined for interaction, parameters and goals.

More specifically Kamflex Europe has the objective to:

  • To obtain the clients satisfaction;
  • To the reduce the non conformity;
  • To use qualified and trusted suppliers;
  • To improve the management of the supply chain and warehouse;
  • To improve the competitiveness of the products and services;
  • To improve the general company quality and continues holding to the third parties certification;
  • To improve company’s efficiency.