High-quality products in ductile iron

KAMFLEX EUROPE is specialized since more than 20 years in production and distribution of products in ductile iron for irrigation and drinking water.

Ductile iron is an iron/carbon/silicon alloy.

In 1948 it was discovered that with the addition of magnesium to the molten iron, the graphite forms in spheres rather than flakes. Thus brittleness Are eliminated and the material Is strong and “ductile”.

The products in ductile iron are produced with an alloy that makes them suitable for use in drinking water, irrigation, and sewage.

Features and benefits:

Inherent Strength Ability to withstand extreme internal pressures and external loads.
Can be laid in poor Load-bearing or unstable ground.
Resistant to freeze-thaw conditions.
A minimum number of supports due to high beam strength.
Easier, faster direct tapping.
Excellent impact resistance Minimum risk of damage to exposed pipework
Resistance during installation.
Resistance to second comer damage or disruption.
Resistance to vandalism.
High Safety Margin High safety factor incorporated into the design.
Measured failure at more than double allowable operating pressure.
High Ring Stiffness can be laid in poor load-bearing or unstable ground.
No long term reduction in stiffness (relaxation).
Less dependant on surrounding material for support.

Kamflex Europe offers also a large range of ductile iron fittings and universal joints up to DN 700 for reparation and extension available in our warehouse with the quality according to EN ISO 9001:2008, EN 545, DM174, etc.


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