Restrained joints by KAMLFEX EUROPE
They are a perfect solution in many occasions to connect thermoplastic pipes, above all HDPE and uPVC. Specifically for the polyethylene pipes using the restrained joints avoid the need of a welding machine and power generator.

The restraining ring in special brass with many rows of teeth give the maximum safety against the pull out up to 16 bar.

For the flanged restrained joints “FPP” the stainless steel A2 bolts and the end ring give the maximum safety against corrosion and pull out.

All components in contact with the fluid are certified for drinking water according to the European norms.

In the Kamflex Europe range as well a flanged restrained joint for DI pipes. This is of the quick push in type with clinching teeth in stainless steel A2-The EPDM gaskets double in the gasket for the flange as well.


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