Top-quality valves for drinking water and sewage pipelines

In the valves for the drinking water and sewage sector, KAMFLEX EUROPE proposes a range of gate valves and air release valves of the best quality.

In this case, they are not handled directly from stock but Kamflex Europe is answering specific demands to satisfy the needs of the clients.

The gate valves for drinking water can be with a flat body (F4) or with the long body (F5) and can be supplied with handwheel or with the square cap. The attacks can be flanged or socket for PVC/PE pipes. They are manufactured according to EN 1074 standard and coated with epoxy resin with thickness 250 microns. Fully vulcanized wedge, strongly threaded stem, and the possibility to change the gaskets under pressure.
The air release valves are the best available on the market with a history of successes on important pipelines all over the world.

The technical advice allows users the best choice with immediate economic returns.

Kamflex Europe air release valves are of course with 3 functions and can be made in stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316, Super Duplex, or in Ductile Iron with Epoxy coating.


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