Multisize joints
The universal joints by Kamflex Europe is a jointing system including a central barrel with a conical shape on each side, end rings with bolts and nuts, special trapez gaskets with ribs.

The main components are high quality DI or steel (minimum s235jr). All products are according to the European norms for drinking water and can be used for potable water pipeline, sewage, irrigation, fire fighting installation and many industrial sectors.

The couplings and flanged joints by Kamflex Europe are of very high quality and suitable pratically by for all pipe sizes and flange drilling.

The large majority of rigid or semi-rigid materials can be connected with the Kamflex Europe joints, for istance steel all types of cast iron, AC, reinforced plastics, last generation PE with wall thickness more than 10 mm. Our joints can be used for underground or above ground pipelines using the correct support and designening criteria.


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