Kamflex Europe is one of the main players on the market for Ductile Iron fittings for drinking water pipelines.

The range shows hereby are only a part of the possibility to supply Ductile-Iron socket joints for Ductile-Iron pipes, flanged fittings, fittings for PVC/PE pipes.

The stock present in our warehouse up to DN400 for bends, tees, flange socket, etc, is covering the most common request of the market but we can quote and supply a large part of articles up to DN 1600.

Our Iron fittings are made according to norm EN545:2010 and ISO 2531. They are all coated with blue color fusion banded Epoxy resin with a minimum thickness of 250 microns according to EN 14901.

The mechanical joints for pipes are supplied fully assembled including gaskets, end rings, and bolts.

The flanged fittings are drilled according to EN 1092 and can be supplied with flanges PN10, PN16, PN25, and PN40.

All our Iron fittings for PVC pipes are supplied as well with their own gaskets in EPDM.


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